It sounds like a great idea to take a rail trip with private tour guide India Company of Agra the same day Agra Tour by Train from Delhi! A well-planned vacation catered to your interests is what you can anticipate if you make a reservation via Private Tour Guide India Company. Below is a general summary of what you may encounter:

The tour usually begins early in the morning with a pickup from your hotel or from a prearranged meeting place in Delhi. To get to the train station, you will be driven.

same day Agra Tour by Train from Delhi, you’ll take a train (usually the fast and comfortable Gatimaan Express) that travels to Agra. The trip takes about two hours.

Arrival in Agra: You will be greeted at the station by your company’s private tour guide as soon as you arrive in Agra. They will go with you all day and give you information about the monuments’ significance and history.

See the Taj Mahal: Visiting the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Your guide will walk you through the monument’s history and make sure you have enough time to explore and take pictures.

Agra Fort: You should definitely visit Agra Fort, another UNESCO World Heritage site, after seeing the Taj Mahal. You can study about its extensive history and take in the striking architecture here.

Lunch: There may be a pause in your tour schedule for lunch at a nearby restaurant where you may enjoy real Mughlai food.

After touring Agra, you’ll head back to the railway station to make your way back to Delhi.

Drop-off in Delhi: Your Same Day Agra tour will come to an end when you are dropped off at your hotel or another prearranged place in Delhi.