A fascinating trip to one of the most famous structures in the world is provided by the extensive Taj Mahal Day Tour offered by India Taj Tours Company. Below is a summary of what this tour usually entails:

India’s Day Tour to the Taj Mahal Itinerary for Taj Tours Company Morning:

Departure from Delhi: Pick-up in the early morning from your Delhi hotel or other desired location.
Travel by car to Agra: Enjoy a comfortable and air-conditioned ride with a reliable source of transportation.
Arrival in Agra

Mid-morning: Reach Agra and head straight to the Taj Mahal.

Discover the Taj Mahal, a representation of unending love and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Find out about its construction, history, and the moving tale that inspired it.
Lunch: Savor a delectable meal at a neighborhood eatery in Agra.

Go to Agra Fort.

Visit Agra Fort in the afternoon, another UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its historical significance and magnificent Mughal architecture.
Purchasing and Recreation

Evening: Browse the marketplaces for trinkets, handicrafts, and antiques made of marble.
Optional: If you have time, go to Mehtab Bagh to see the Taj Mahal from the Yamuna River.
Go back to Delhi

Evening: Travel to Delhi from Agra.
Drop-off: Arrive back in Delhi by late evening at your hotel or another selected location.
Transportation: A comfortable, private, air-conditioned car.
Professional Guide: A knowledgeable guide in Agra who speaks English.
All entrance costs to the Agra Fort and Taj Mahal.
Meals: Lunch in an Agra neighborhood restaurant.
Water in bottles is supplied during the trip.
Not Included
Personal Expenses: Any extra costs for things like shopping, tips, etc.
Gratuities: The driver and guide may choose to accept gratuities.
Reservations and Cost
For reservations, information on costs, and choices for personalization regarding India Taj Tours Company’s Taj Mahal Day Tour, please get in touch with them directly or go to their website. The number of participants, special needs, and optional add-ons may all affect the price.

With the help of this handy and educational day tour, you may visit the historical treasures of Agra and marvel at the majesty of the Taj Mahal all in one day from Delhi.




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