Autodesk, Chaos, Adobe and Corel Video tutorials in Romanian Language

Map of educational products

Courses Autodesk, Autocad, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Inventor, Adobe image, Adobe video editing, Corel. Video lessons in Romanian, together with projects for study, exercises in the initial and final stage, at the end of the lesson.

Technical educational software: 3D simulations and modeling, static or animated.

Computerized tests for technical modules. A modern, objective and fast assessment method.

Payment is made online with any VISA, Maestro, Pluxee card  through the “Teaching career premium” program or payment in installments with  Star BT .

The map of educational products Autodesk, V-Ray, Adobe, Corel, educational software from  Soft EDU Magazin  can be consulted in the form of descriptions or image map .

This is the online store of the presentation page  for individual purchase licenses. The products are shipped via the Internet, the payment is made online and the access to the products is for life.

About how to work with these educational products and what are the advantages compared to other types of training, read in a new page, here .

There are discounts in the form of promotions for the simultaneous purchase of several courses, which are grouped into course packages .

A. Course packages, discounts:

Autocad Course Package

Package Courses Autocad LT

B. Separate courses:

Autocad 2D and 3D professional course

Autocad Expert Workshop

Autocad LT professional course

Workshop Autocad LT

Parametric CAD design course

Autodesk Inventor Pro course

It is suitable for learning to build your own educational software: you can get any static or animated 3D simulation.

3D Studio Max Course  + Arnold Rendering Course – free with purchase of 3D Studio Max course. Details on rendering with the Arnold engine in a new page.

A. Course packages, discounts:

Chaos Corona rendering course, course package

Chaos V-Ray rendering course, course package

Interior design course, interior design, architectural rendering, furniture design

B. Separate courses:

Chaos Corona Renderer Course 1

Chaos Corona Renderer 2 Course, Phoenix FD

Chaos V-Ray Course 1

Chaos V-Ray 2 Course, Phoenix FD

A. Course packages, discounts:

Adobe Graphics Course Pack

B. Separate courses:

Adobe Photoshop CC course

Adobe Camera Raw course

Creative Photoshop course

HDR editing course

Adobe Lightroom Classic course

A. Course packages, discounts:

Adobe Graphics Course Pack

B. Separate courses:

Adobe Illustrator CC course

Illustrator Print Workshop

Complete Corel Draw course

Intensive Corel Draw course

Corel Draw Print Workshop


A. Course packages, discounts:

Adobe Premiere and After Effects Course Package

B. Separate courses:

Adobe After Effects course

Adobe Premiere course

Sony Vegas course

CapCut course

VideoPAD course

Educational software SRA – automatic regulation systems, automations, transducers

Intensive video course for Technical Drawing – recommended for the study of technical drawing

Educational software Materials Technology, Mechanical Assemblies, Locksmithing

Educational software Industrial technical drawing

Human Anatomy educational software

3D Studio Max course, create your own educational software

Web design course with work in Html 5, CSS 3 code for IT classes

Building computerized tests in Html format, bonus chapter

Web design course without knowledge of web programming, Html, CSS, Php, Java

ADOBE course for web design

Web design course with Joomla!

A. Computerized tests for technical modules

Check the level of knowledge acquisition of the students, given at the same time use the tests for the learning activity.

We offer you a computerized test package for M1, M2, M5, M6, M7. They represent a modern way of assessment through computerized testing. It offers the advantage of objective and rapid evaluation by modern methods.

B. Computerized tests for the Romanian language

A package of computerized tests for the Romanian language: baccalaureate, common mistakes in the Romanian language, wrong forms of words, spellings.


C. Computerized tests for technical drawing

For the technical drawing discipline, we offer you a set of computerized tests, redone in 2024.