Flying Hawk Company’s Cap Toe Oxford Shoes will elevate your style.

Flying Hawk Company’s Cap Toe Oxford Shoes offer refined sophistication and outstanding craftsmanship. Our Cap Toe Oxfords are ideal for formal occasions as well as professional situations, providing classic style and long-lasting comfort.

Why Should You Choose Cap Toe Oxford Shoes?
Elegant Design:

The cap toe feature adds refinement to the classic Oxford look.
They’re ideal for formal gatherings, business meetings, and sophisticated evenings out.
Superior craftmanship:

Each pair of shoes is handcrafted by professional artisans with great care for detail.
The Goodyear welt design ensures durability and the ability to resole, extending the life of your shoes.
Comfort and Fit:

The footbed is padded, and the cork filler molds to your foot’s shape with time.
Available in a wide range of sizes and widths to ensure a great fit for each individual.
Key Features:
Premium leather

Made of high-quality full-grain leather for a sumptuous feel and exceptional durability.
Available in traditional colors like black, brown, and oxblood.
Goodyear Welt Construction

This manufacturing process, a hallmark of great shoemaking, gives exceptional longevity and ease of resoling.
Ensures a strong, long-lasting adhesion between the upper and sole.
Leather Lining

The soft leather lining ensures breathability and comfort throughout the day.
Maintains the shoe’s form and structure.
Stylish and versatile.

Perfect for wearing with suits, formal clothes, or even good casual outfits.
A must-have piece for any gentleman’s wardrobe.
Care instructions:
Regular cleaning:

Use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt and dust.
To keep the leather shiny and in good condition, use a premium leather cleaner.

Apply leather conditioner on a regular basis to maintain it supple and avoid cracking.
Proper storage:

Shoe trees are useful for keeping your shoes in shape.
Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.
Pricing for Cap Toe Oxford Shoes starts at $270 per pair.
How to buy:
Online Store: You can browse our selection and place an order at
Retail locations: Available at certain retailers across the country. Check out our website for a shop location.
Customer satisfaction:
Quality Guarantee: We swear by the high quality of our shoes and provide a warranty on all of them.