Gilbert, Arizona, is known for its vibrant community and welcoming atmosphere. This town is particularly popular with young families and professionals, thanks to its excellent schools, strong job market, and family-friendly activities. Let’s dive into the key demographic features that make Gilbert a great place to live.

Age and Family Dynamics

Gilbert is a young town with a median age lower than the national average, reflecting its appeal to young families and early-career professionals. The town is bustling with family activities and boasts a high number of households with children, creating a community where neighbors know and support each other.

Economic Strength

Residents of Gilbert enjoy a strong local economy with incomes generally higher than the national average. Key industries here include healthcare, education, technology, and retail, providing good job opportunities. High homeownership rates in Gilbert also show that residents are invested in their community and its future.

Cultural Diversity

In recent years, Gilbert has become more culturally diverse. This has enriched the town with various cultural festivals, diverse restaurants, and businesses that showcase traditions from around the world. Gilbert’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in community programs aimed at promoting diversity and respect among residents.

Education Focus

Education is a top priority in Gilbert. Many residents have college degrees, and the local schools are among the best in the state. Families often choose Gilbert for its educational opportunities, ensuring a bright future for their children.

Community Engagement

A town where people are actively involved in their Gilbert community. There are many volunteer groups and community organizations that influence local decisions and help keep the town thriving. These groups ensure that Gilbert continues to grow in a way that meets the needs of its residents.

Residents also enjoy excellent public amenities such as parks, sports facilities, libraries, and health centers, which contribute to a high quality of life.


Gilbert offers a dynamic and prosperous environment ideal for families and individuals looking for a supportive community. With its strong economy, diverse culture, focus on education, and active community engagement, Gilbert stands out as a top choice for residents who value a high quality of life. To learn more about living in Gilbert, visit