Pakistan is facing a big problem: many smart young people are leaving the country to find better lives abroad. This is called “brain drain,” and it’s hurting Pakistan a lot. In 2022, over 600,000 Pakistanis moved out, and many of them were under 30 and had good skills.

One reason they’re leaving is because there aren’t enough jobs in Pakistan. Also, some people get jobs because of who they know, not because of their skills. Another reason is that some people feel like they can’t do what they want in Pakistan because of rules that limit their freedom.

This brain drain is bad for Pakistan. When skilled people leave, it makes it hard for important things like hospitals and technology to work well because there aren’t enough workers.

The government is trying to give young people reasons to stay, but some people say they need to do more. They think the government should change some things, like how jobs are given out, and give young people more chances to do what they’re good at.

If Pakistan doesn’t do something soon, it could lose even more talented young people. So, it’s important for Pakistan to make changes now to keep its smart people at home and help the country grow.