Sexual Patients & Sexologist Clinic in Bihar:

Today more than one million people are suffering from sexual problems every day. This is a provisional report based on a survey by the National Institutes of Health. In fact, on inquiries and daily patient visits, Dubey Clinic found that more than a hundred people contact us every day and one-third are concerned about their sexual health. This clinic helps all those people who contact and really want to improve their sexual problems.

Primarily, Dubey Clinic is an Ayurvedic Clinic that is completed based on the natural therapies in connection with the sexual patients’ treatment. This is Asia’s No.1 Ayurveda & Sexology Medical Science Clinic that is located at Langar Toli, Chauraha, and Patna-04. This is also the first Ayurvedic Clinic of Bihar that was established in 1965 when there was no a single certified or reliable medical destination for the treatment of sexual patients in Patna.

At present time, the world famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey is the best sexologist doctor in Patna who is dedicated to all the people of India who really wants to get rid of their sexual problems. He has been involved in this Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science for a long time and his treatment and medication is totally different from the others. He has led his five years only for the research of sexual dysfunction of men and women. After his five years of research, he has successfully discovered the most impactful natural therapies to the sexual patients. In today’s time, he treats more than thirty sexual patients every day at Dubey Clinic.

Know your sexual problem, and then get treatment:

Dr. Sunil Dubey says that a person mainly faces sexual problems when his physical health is weak or unhealthy. The individual himself is responsible for this physical health as it completely depends on his daily life, livelihood, thoughts, society influence, family environment and health issues.

He says that our sexual activities work in accordance with our physical, mental, psychological and health. In this situation, a person should always take care of his heart rate, liver problem, psychological problem and neurological problem. These are four physical factors which play an important role in our daily activity and sexual activity.

  1. Heart Problem: If you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure, then get proper treatment to maintain a balance heart rate. From a sexual point of view, high blood pressure always affects your blood circulation. This cardiac problem takes a person towards erection problem and sexual arousal issue.
  1. Liver Problem: If you are suffering from liver especially fatty liver or others, then you should always improve this liver problem in accordance with nature guidelines. It leads a person towards male infertility.
  1. Mental Condition: If you are under the influence of stress, depression and heavy workload or family responsibilities then avoid it now. It will disturb you mind that is interlinked with your feeling, emotion, and behave. Due to this psychological issue, you face the problem of premature ejaculation or low libido in your sexual life.
  1. Neurological Condition: It is most important thing because when you face the condition of neurological disorder then your sexual life is totally affected. In this condition, a person faces the situation of low sexual desire, ED, and orgasm disorder.

Treatment and medicine for sexual patients at Dubey Clinic:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is one of the best sexologist doctors in Bihar, India. He provides his natural treatment and medication to all types of sexual patients (married and unmarried). He is specialist in Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science working as a senior clinical sexologist doctor of India. In his treatment, he provides Ayurvedic medicine, psychological sexual relaxation therapies, sexual behavior therapies, and health-related solution.

He is the first Indian sexologist doctor who is honored with Bharat Gaurav Award, International Ayurveda Ratna Award, and Asia Fame Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor Award. Apart from this national and international award, he has received the gold medal in the excellence work in this sexologist profession.

If you are a patient with sexual disorder, then you should immediate consult Dr. Sunil Dubey now. His natural therapies and sexual counseling ensure you a healthy sexual life. Make an appointment with Dubey Clinic that is available over phone. Visit the clinic in time and get proper treatment.

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