Gil is one of the key resources in Final Fantasy XIV, used for various purposes throughout the game and essential as end-game gear.

Quests, dungeons and killing enemies all offer you opportunities to earn Gil. Accumulating more Gil enables you to play the game your way and has many other advantages as well.


Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV and can be obtained through battle, errand completion and equipment sale, plus purchasing in Warrior’s Guild. Once earned it can be used to buy new equipment, combine items and take part in various activities.

Crafting is one of the most reliable ways of earning gil in Final Fantasy XIV. While making big dollars using this method may be challenging, it remains effective and reliable. When considering crafting as a means of income generation, consider your time investment carefully; using production per hour as your measure.

Gathering is another excellent method for earning Gil, particularly at the beginning of a patch cycle when new items and nodes may not yet be well known and their prices increase rapidly. Melding can also be profitable depending on how high your crafter ranks or whether additional retainers exist – this may require quite an investment of material but still represents an excellent way to generate extra income! Although this method may not provide as consistent income streams for casual players.


Gathering is often one of the best methods of making gil when the game first launches after an update; with all of its unfamiliar materials making for quick profits. Unfortunately, however, this method requires time and can become very tedious over time.

Combat is another effective way of earning Gil. From dungeons and FATEs to solo missions, you can reap some great returns in Gil from either form of conflict – though its profitability often depends on its content. Unfortunately, combat tends to be less rewarding than crafting due to lower stat requirements for your gear at higher levels.

Finally, the easiest way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is simply through playing! Every quest, dungeon, leve and duty roulette awards a significant sum of Gil. Killing enemies yields variable amounts depending on enemy type; more is awarded when multiple monsters are killed at once. Gil can then be sold either back to NPCs or placed onto the Market Board for sale.


FATEs (Fierce Alliance of Tethyr) are dynamic events that appear throughout Eorzea. Comprised of boss battles and escort missions that reward players with experience, Gil, Grand Company seals, or special items depending on their level, FATEs allow everyone who falls within or nearby their level to take part.

Stormblood (and later) areas feature Fates which may provide additional EXP upon completion, or may spawn a stronger variant known as The Forlorn Maiden that must be vanquished before an event can be considered successful.

Many online games require players to grind for hours in order to acquire sufficient in-game currency, which can become tedious and tiresome if the process doesn’t appeal. Plus, this requires time and skill. Luckily, FFXIV provides other ways for gamers to earn gil.


GAMERS with plenty of Gil can use it to buy catchup gear, attend FATEs and Trials events, purchase consumables and maximize their gaming experience. Unlike many online games that give little control over how long is spent farming currency, Final Fantasy XIV provides numerous ways for its players to build up their wallet without getting bored with repetitive tasks.

One way of earning Gil is through entering dungeons with friends and sharing the spoils of battle, splitting any rewards that accrue. Although not ideal for everyone, these dungeons offer high amounts of Tomestones that could unlock new gear for the party. In addition, hunting-specific Linkshells enable players to hunt high-value targets together while simultaneously building reputation.

Gatherers can earn considerable gil by collecting crafting mats and selling them through the Auction House, though prices for such materials tend to drop quickly after each patch update. Therefore, it may be prudent to secure as much IR material before its value drops so you can sell it at maximum profit.


Trading in games is one of the most essential parts of playing, giving gamers both prestige and financial competition. Players with an abundance of ffxiv can compete directly against their peers for prestige and wealth – something which players who are wealthy find immensely satisfying. Games with player driven economies often see significant increases in subscriber numbers; however, it can be challenging for older gamers to maintain this level of wealth as time is less available for gaming.

One of the best ways to earn Gil in FFXIV is with Retainers, who sell items on the Market Board. Each Retainer can manage up to 20 items at once and sells them automatically until you tell it not to do so. While this method can generate plenty of Gil, newcomers may find this risky due to fluctuating item prices on the Market Board; therefore it is wise to find a reliable site offering FFXIV Gil purchases to ensure account safety.