LAWTHERM provides an extensive selection of induction furnace spares designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of industrial operations. Among their key products are FLEXOCOAT 2216 BASE/HARDENER, an essential coating system that offers superior insulation and protection for furnace components. Additionally, LAWTHERM offers a variety of insulation pads and spacers, which are crucial for maintaining the thermal efficiency and structural integrity of induction furnaces. Mica products, asbestos mill boards, and NOMEX paper are also available, each offering unique insulating properties to meet diverse industrial needs. For more information on these high-quality sparesAt LAWTHERM, the focus is on delivering top-tier insulation spares for induction furnaces, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of furnace systems. Their FLEXOCOAT 2216 BASE/HARDENER provides robust insulation and protection against high temperatures. The insulation pads and spacers offered by LAWTHERM are designed to enhance thermal efficiency and provide critical support within the furnace. With products like mica, asbestos mill board, and NOMEX paper, LAWTHERM ensures that industrial operations are equipped with the best materials to withstand extreme conditions.LAWTHERM is dedicated to supporting the steel manufacturing process with a variety of induction furnace spares. Their range includes the FLEXOCOAT 2216 BASE/HARDENER, which offers excellent insulation and protection for critical furnace components. The insulation pads, spacers, and mica products ensure that furnaces operate at peak thermal efficiency. Additionally, asbestos mill boards and NOMEX paper provide superior insulating properties to withstand high temperatures and harsh industrial environments. For those in need of reliable induction furnace spares, LAWTHERM offers a wide array of products designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications. For more details, visit LAWTHERM’s Induction Furnace Spares Page.