Private Day Car Tour of Old and New Delhi with East Traveler Company

Overview of the Customized Private Day Car Tour of Old and New Delhi
With the Old and New Delhi Private Day Tour by Car, provided by East Traveler Company, explore the fascinating history and dynamic culture of India’s capital city. Enjoy the comforts of a private, air-conditioned car as you explore the famous landmarks, vibrant markets, and historic sites throughout this extensive tour that takes you through the contrasting worlds of Old and New Delhi.

Taking off in the morning
Get Your Day Started
Your journey starts when the skilled driver of East Traveler Company conveniently picks you up from your hotel or other desired location in Delhi. As you take a trip through the center of the city, kick back and unwind.

Taking a Look at Old Delhi
Red Fort Historical Marvel: Start your journey by visiting the Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a magnificent example of Mughal engineering in architecture. India’s rich history is exemplified by this red sandstone fort, which was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan.
Explore Jama Masjid, a magnificent mosque that is among India’s biggest and most exquisite. Its magnificent architecture and calm atmosphere make this 1656 completion a must-see location.
Explore the tumultuous and captivating Chandni Chowk Bazaar, one of Old Delhi’s busiest and oldest markets. Savor a stroll in a rickshaw through the quaint lanes dotted with stores offering street food, jewelry, spices, and textiles. Savor regional specialties like jalebis and parathas.
The Gandhi Memorial
Ghat Raj
Paying Homage to Mahatma Gandhi Explore Raj Ghat, the Mahatma Gandhi memorial. This serene and somber location designates the cremation site and provides an opportunity for contemplation of his life and legacy.
Seeing New Delhi
India Gate War Memorial is a magnificent war memorial honoring Indian soldiers who fought and died in World War I. It is a great place to start your exploration of New Delhi. It’s a poignant and beautiful landmark, enhanced by the surrounding gardens and the everlasting flame.
Driving past Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India, is advised. This massive structure, with its expansive gardens and ornate architecture, represents the political might of India.
Explore the Mughal splendor of Humayun’s Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage site that predates the Taj Mahal. A tranquil haven from the bustle of the city, the magnificent garden tomb features Mughal architecture with Persian influences.
Discover the Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest brick minaret, an ancient tower and historic landmark. With its magnificent presence and elaborate carvings, this UNESCO World Heritage site narrates the story of early Islamic India.
Modern Marvel Architectural Wonder: Lotus Temple Take a look at the Lotus Temple, a distinctively shaped Bahá’í House of Worship. All religions are welcome at the temple, which also provides a calm area for introspection and meditation.
During Lunch
Savory Treats
Local Cuisine: Savor a range of Indian dishes during a leisurely lunch at a restaurant that has been highly recommended in the area. It’s a wonderful chance to sample the variety of Delhi’s culinary traditions.
Lodhi Gardens
Calm Haven Historical Park: Take a stroll through Lodhi Gardens, a stunning park dotted with archeological remains and edifices dating back to the Lodhi period. It’s the ideal place for a leisurely stroll because of the lush vegetation and tranquil surroundings.
Delhi’s shopping
Souvenirs and Additional Local Markets: Shop in Delhi’s lively markets to wrap up your trip. For souvenirs, handicrafts, and unusual gifts, visit locations like Janpath, Dilli Haat, and Connaught Place. Your guide can suggest the best stores to find genuine regional goods.
Head back to the hotel
Closing of the Day
Drop-off: Your driver will return you to your hotel or another preferred location in Delhi following a day full of exploration and discovery. This will bring an end to your Old and New Delhi Private Day Tour by Car.
In conclusion
India’s capital can be fully experienced with the Old and New Delhi Private Day Tour by Car with East Traveler Company. This tour offers the ideal fusion of culture, history, and regional flair, taking visitors from the ancient sites of Old Delhi to the cutting-edge wonders of New Delhi. Enjoy a memorable day in the heart of India by traveling in comfort and efficiency with an experienced guide and driver.

Particular FAQs
When is a good time to begin the tour?

The tour usually commences at approximately 8:00 AM in order to optimize the day and circumvent the midday heat.
Is the tour package inclusive of entrance fees?

The package usually includes admission fees to all the monuments and sites that are visited during the tour. Booking with East Traveler Company is the best way to ensure.
Is it possible to personalize the tour?

In order to customize the tour to your tastes and interests, East Traveler Company does indeed offer customization options.
How do I dress for the tour?

The best advice is to dress comfortably for both walking and sightseeing. When visiting historical and religious sites, modest clothing is advised.
Does the tour package include lunch?

In most cases, lunch is not included, but it can be provided upon request. We’ll make a stop at a reputable neighborhood eatery so you can eat.