Introduction to Female Sexual Behavior:

As per the previous chapter, we knew about male sexual behavior. In the current session we will learn about female sexual behavior. It is true that men and women are human beings but the sexual behavior of women is completely different from that of men.

“Men’s sexual behavior can be influenced by lots of factors such as ingrained nature, individual personality, upbringing, culture, environment, social response, and standard of living.”

Sexual excitement in women is characterized by the appearance of vaginal lubrication and a slight enlargement of clitoris and uterus with engorgement. Generally, the female sexual response cycle consists of three stages such as desire, arousal and orgasm. Various internal and external sexual functions occur in which the vagina, clitoris, labia minora, vestibular bulb, pelvic floor muscles and uterus are active in sexual activity.

World famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says that sexual behavior of women always interlinks with security, trust, affection, emotion and shame. In most of the cases, a female does not express his sexual behavior to her partner due to shame. By the way, we are going to discuss about the sexual dysfunctions in women. In India, more than 25% people are suffering from sexual problems and only less than 5% people are aware for their sexual treatment. This is a matter of concern for those who shy away from getting themselves treated due to hesitation or shame.

Dr. Sunil Dubey is a well-known name in the profession of Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science in world. At present time, he is the best sexologist in Patna and practices at Dubey Clinic every day. He is also the director of Dubey Clinic that is the first Ayurvedic Clinic of Bihar that provides complete treatment and medication to all types of sexual patients including female. He treats more than forty sexual patients (married and unmarried) in Dubey Clinic per day. On the basis of his daily practice and research, he is going to describe all those sexual dysfunctions of women those who come to get their treatment in Dubey Clinic. He is only one male sexologist doctor in Patna who treats both male and female sexual patients.

Female Sexual Dysfunctions:

There are many sexual problems that affect a woman and due to this problem she has to face problems in her daily or sexual life. It is true that women suffer more than men in terms of their sexual life or health. Dr. Sunil Dubey, who is the best sexologist in Bihar, says that treatment of any sexual disease is possible if a person is aware of his sexual health, then there is no possibility of it increasing.

Dr. Sunil Dubey is India’s most successful Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science expert doctor who is working as a senior clinical sexologist doctor in Patna. He has researched on various sexual dysfunctions of men and women and after his five years of research, he has successfully discovered the Ayurvedic medicine. In today’s time, more than six lakh and forty five thousands of sexual patients of India have benefited from Dubey Clinic as yet.

Following is the list of sexual diseases among women who come to Dubey Clinic for treatment:

  • Menstruation Problems:

Menstruation occurs in the years between puberty and menopause. Menstrual disorder is a problem that affects a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. Due to menstruation problems, a woman feels painful cramps, unusually heavy bleeding, or no bleeding during menstruation.

In this condition, a female sexual patient suffers from bleeding, weakness, and chest pain. In Ayurveda, it is treatable easily and the sexual patient can choose his reliable sexual health care doctor to fix it.

  • Vaginal Discharge:

Vaginal discharge is made up with both fluid and cells. In this condition, the vaginal sheds discharge throughout the day. It is also known as abnormal leucorrhoea. It is causes of vaginal yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, and Vaginitis.

It is a tough situation for a female sexual patient because she suffers from burning, discharge, itching, and pain. It is 100% treatable in Ayurveda and a sexual patient can consult a clinical sexologist doctor to get therapies.

  • Vaginismus:

Vaginismus is an involuntary tension of the vaginal area. A woman experiences it at the starting time of sexual penetration. It makes difficult in intercourse and sexual activity becomes painful. Dr. Sunil Dubey says that Kegel Exercise and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help relax muscles and stop spasms.

Through Ayurvedic medication, the sexual patient gets full-time relief from this sexual problem.

  • Vaginal Dryness:

Vaginal dryness is a painful symptom caused by menopause, breastfeeding or hormonal decline. Ayurvedic medicines and natural oil can help in its treatment.

  • Pain during Intercourse:

Pain during intercourse may have causes that are not due to an underlying disease. For example inadequate lubrication, rough sexual activity, sexual trauma, or negative feelings about a partner.

  • Low Sexual Drive:

There is having little or no interest in any kind of sexual activity, including masturbation. Never or rarely having sexual fantasies or thought in a person’s life.

  • Sexual Disorders:

A woman may suffer from four stages of sexual disorder in her sexual life such as sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, sexual orgasm disorder and sexual pain disorder. A group of sexual disorders affect a woman’s sex life for a variety of reasons. In each stage of sexual disorders, the sexual life of a woman affects in different way and her interest lowers at all.

Ayurvedic treatment is best for all sexual problems:

Dr. Sunil Dubey has been associated with Ayurveda and Sexology medical science for more than three and a half decades and his experienced natural remedies are very effective for all sexual patients. He says that Ayurvedic medicine and treatment is a natural process to cure any problem whether it is internal or external. First of all, this medicine is natural and pure which does not have any side effects on the body. Secondly, it cures the problems from the root in a natural way.

In 2024 he has successfully treated more than fifty-five hundred sexual patients in India. If we talk about his overall experience, he has successfully treated more than 4.35 lakh sexual patients (male and female). He is one of the most sought-after sexologist doctors in Patna, Bihar, India, where sexual patients from all over India come to Patna specifically to meet him.

His researched all Ayurvedic remedies are panacea for the male and female sexual patients. He always advises to people before taking Ayurvedic medicine, they should believe in this natural system of medication. After that, they should start it. Dubey Clinic is famous not only in Bihar but all over India for its qualitative and proven Ayurvedic treatment and medicine.

Appointment with Dubey Clinic:

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