With Taj Same Day Tour Company, experience the Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour from Delhi.

Overview of the Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour from Delhi
Get an early peek at the Taj Same Day Tour Company’s breathtaking sunrise views of the Taj Mahal. This tour provides a wonderful chance to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World in all its splendor and includes easy travel planning from Delhi.

Arrival at Delhi and departure
Start your amazing journey to Agra, the location of the famous Taj Mahal, early in the morning by leaving Delhi.

Arrival at Agra
Meet your experienced guide upon arrival in Agra; they will be with you for the duration of the tour. To see the captivating sunrise over this architectural wonder, head straight to the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal Sunrise Experience
Watching the Sunrise
To witness the first light of the day shining on the immaculate white marble monument, get to the Taj Mahal before sunrise. As the sun rises behind the Taj Mahal, spilling a gentle glow over its imposing domes and minarets, marvel at the shifting hues of the sky.

escorted trip
Take an expert guide’s tour of the Taj Mahal and learn fascinating historical anecdotes and stories about this symbol of love constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

There will be free time after the guided tour for you to independently explore the Taj Mahal, take special pictures, or just take in the calm atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Historical exploration of Agra Fort
The magnificent Agra Fort, a former Mughal emperor’s home and another UNESCO World Heritage site, should then be seen. While discovering more about its rich history and architectural significance, tour its palaces, courtyards, and audience halls.

Local Food for Lunch
Before continuing your tour, treat yourself to a delectable lunch at a neighborhood restaurant in Agra where you can refuel and savor traditional Indian food.

Comfortable Journey Back to Delhi
Unwind on the drive back to Delhi with happy memories of your Taj Mahal sunrise tour after spending a full day discovering Agra’s famous sites.

To sum up
Taj Same Day Tour Company offers a smooth and unforgettable trip from Delhi to Agra and back. Come experience the magic of the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Making the Taj Mahal the centerpiece of your trip to India, this tour guarantees you will be struck by its enduring beauty and discover its fascinating past.

distinct FAQs
At what hour does the dawn tour of the Taj Mahal depart Delhi?
The trip typically departs very early in the morning in order to arrive in Agra before sunrise and see the Taj Mahal at its most picturesque.
Does the sunrise tour package of the Taj Mahal include transportation?
Yes, the tour package includes round-trip coach transportation from Delhi to Agra and back.
During the Taj Mahal sunrise tour, is it possible for me to visit other attractions in Agra?
Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal are usually included in the tour. We can arrange for more customization if needed.
For the Taj Mahal sunrise tour, what should I wear?
Solution: Wear casual yet dignified attire. In addition to sunscreen and a hat on sunny days, light clothing and comfy shoes are suggested.
Throughout the tour, are there restrooms accessible?
In both the Delhi to Agra route and at the Agra tour destinations, yes, there are restroom breaks available.

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