King Peedia is a website that shares lots of information about the Rajput community in India. It’s owned by Devendra Singh, who’s passionate about showcasing the rich history, culture, and news of the Rajputs.


1. Rajput History: Learn about the brave Rajput warriors and their heroic stories from the past. Discover tales of legendary figures like Prithviraj Chauhan and Rani Padmini.

2. Rajput Culture: Dive into the colorful world of Rajput culture. Explore majestic forts, graceful dances, and special rituals that make Rajputana unique.

3. Rajput Clans: Find out about different Rajput clans, like the Sisodiyas of Mewar and Rathores of Marwar. Each clan has its own fascinating history and traditions.

4. Rajput Shayari: Enjoy beautiful poetry known as Rajput shayari. It captures emotions like love, courage, and sacrifice, written by talented Rajput poets.

5. Rajput News: Stay updated with the latest news about the Rajput community. From cultural events to achievements, King Peedia keeps you in the loop with what’s happening.

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King Peedia is a helpful website for anyone interested in learning more about Rajput history, culture, and current events. With easytounderstand articles and engaging content, it’s a great place to explore and appreciate the heritage of the Rajput community.